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AI Podcast S10 Ep4 Behind the Mic: Affiliate Trends for 2023 with Lisa Riolo

We’re back with another Affiliate Marketing Podcast, with a twist. Co-Founder and Advisor, Lisa Riolo is the first guest of the year, but she’s turning the mic to our very own Lee-Ann Johnstone. Lee-Ann will have the chance to give her thoughts on all things affiliate marketing, including networking in the affiliate marketing industry, the importance of party data and details on the upcoming Amplify Summit on January 17th. Listen in as Lisa and Lee-Ann swap ideas and find out all the insights garnered from many discussions with industry peers.

The concept of relationships is strong throughout this podcast, and indeed throughout the affiliate marketing industry. Some might say that it is a relationship based on performance, but once you’re in the thick of it, you’ll find that that isn’t entirely true. We’re taking a look at what makes an affiliate marketing relationship valuable and sustainable.


As beneficial as remote working has been for the work/life balance, it has meant that a lot of us have to work on our communication skills. Communication, after all, is key to any relationship, but you can’t make a mental note of “I’ll bring it up to them when they get home” when it comes to an affiliate marketing partnership. Lisa and Lee-ann talk about how you’ll have to know how to say what you want and what you can offer, clearly, to your affiliate partners upfront to ensure that they know what they are doing and that they don’t feel abandoned when asking for help.

Lee-Ann says: “We, we use such a lot of jargon in our industry, which is ridiculous. But I think brands are opening up to the idea of [engaging in a different way] now. We actually do this in our agency. So, we actually partner brands up together and we say, ‘Hey, you’ve got this’ and ‘You’ve…


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