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Case study: Powering industry and agency change with Awin & Gen3 Marketing

Historically, agencies have struggled to leverage traditional affiliate networks, due to inflexibility within platforms and advertiser-centric set-ups, including standardised service management.

With partner marketing continually driving online client growth for agencies, Awin recognised an opportunity to create a self-managed platform-only package or a full agency portfolio overview that supported agency needs with Gen3 Marketing.

With over 100 clients live on Awin’s global platform, Gen3 Marketing identified 12 to be at-risk within the traditional affiliate set-up. Awin and Gen3 Marketing co-developed a unique strategy focused on building out efficient processes, communication channels and technology, including bespoke integration and partnership tracking implementation, to ensure that Gen3 Marketing and Awin could seamlessly win and onboard new clients. This strategy resulted in the retention of all existing Gen3 clients on Awin, net gain in new client programmes and increased revenue for Gen3’s clients.

The problem

Gen3 Marketing carried out a review of client needs and services provided by existing affiliate networks, identifying restrictions and platform inconsistencies. The audit revealed a need to deliver new technology requirements, processes to drive efficiency, cross-platform collaboration and many platform ‘firsts’ to rebuild, strengthen and sustain the relationship between network and agency.

Key challenges:

  • Communication: without a dedicated agency team, Gen3 Marketing had multiple touch points spanning across almost all of the Awin departments. This was particularly prevalent across global teams, leading to breakdowns at various points along the affiliate programme integration journey.
  • Inflexible commercials: contracts were geared heavily towards an advertiser-serviced approach, not suitable…


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