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Perform[cb] Recognized #1 CPA Network Worldwide for Seventh

SARASOTA, Fla., Jan. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Perform[cb], the leader in outcome-based marketing (OBM), has been awarded the title of #1 CPA Network Worldwide for the seventh consecutive year in mThink’s Blue Book survey. Recognized for its Outcome Engine consisting of strategic account management and support, proprietary, cutting-edge technology, affiliate program management services, dedicated 24/7 compliance, and curated partner marketplace, Perform[cb] continues to push the boundaries of digital advertising for its marketers and partners.

The largest research survey in the performance-based marketing industry, the Blue Book survey highlights the top 20 CPA networks across the world as decided on by direct feedback from more than 25,000 marketers, affiliate partners, agencies, and industry experts. The survey takes into account a wide range of components, including industry reputation, thought leadership, clientele, popularity, respective traffic data, tech stack, and scale, as well as expert viewpoints. In addition to votes from the industry at large, objective feedback from the Blue Ribbon Panel, made up of third-party performance marketing experts, is taken into consideration in order to determine the final survey results.

“Perform[cb]’s recognition as the #1 CPA Network Worldwide for the seventh consecutive year in mThink’s Blue Book survey is a true reflection of our team’s commitment to providing the best technology, compliance, service, and strategy for our marketers and partners,” says Erin Cigich, CEO of Perform[cb]. “Our Outcome Engine, of which our CPA Network is an integral part – takes an omnichannel approach to meet our client’s specific customer acquisition goals. Through the Engine, we have the power to tap into major and emerging digital channels and pull levers that our…


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