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Sortd founders to shake up social shopping, influencer marketing

Sortd founders Jodine Wolman (left) and Alexis Aaron. Source: supplied.

Co-founded by Jodine Wolman and Alexis Aaron, Sortd gives users a single portal to save and compare items they’ve browsed while online shopping, cutting the need for multiple tabs.

This week, Sortd secured $1.26 million in investment funding from a mixture of private investors, including Darryl Garber of ELMO Software, and through venture capital firm Antler.

The app idea started over a conversation between the two lifelong friends.

“Jodine was at my house one day, and I had 100 tabs open on my computer; she said that was ridiculous, and I said, ‘well, help me figure it out a way to solve it’,” recalled Aaron.

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In the two years since, the pair bootstrapped the product, built proofs of concept and tested the market. 

“Alexis and Jodine have a clear vision to transform the way we shop online, removing the friction of transacting with multiple online retailers and improving customer experience,” said Cath Rogers, partner at Antler Australia.

Aaron and Wolman are excited to grow their product team and marketing capabilities after the raise, but the ambitions don’t stop there.

“We really see this raise as being that the mechanism that can help us grow and propel us into the next stages of our business, the things we’ve been working towards for two years are now within reach,” said Wolman.

Brand partnerships

Sortd already operates through the affiliate marketing programs of brands like The Iconic, Farfetch and Cotton:On, and hopes to start having more direct conversations with…


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