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The 22 Most Popular Adweek Stories of 2022

If you’re feeling slightly out of breath and confused that the year is almost over, you’re not alone—it felt like we packed 18 months into 2022.

One reason is because the world looks so different from where we started in January. Crypto companies ruled the Super Bowl, but by November the entire industry was quaking from the downfall of FTX. We were just getting the hang of what purpose-driven marketing really means when rising inflation sent everyone back to savings-oriented tactics. And NFTs haven’t exactly turned out to be the revolutionary marketing vehicles they’d been hyped as.

Along the way, Adweek was there covering every trend. To look back, we’ve rounded up the top 22 most popular stories of 2022, from rebrands and cottagecore fashion to racy brand tweets and soul-searching about the future of publishing.

22. Unilever Doesn’t Have a CMO Any More—Here’s Why

As of April, one of the world’s biggest advertisers no longer has a chief marketing officer. Instead, Conny Braams serves as Unilever’s chief digital and commercial officer, reflecting the increasingly blurred lines between digital marketing and commerce.

21. These Special Burger King Whoppers Cater to the Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings


In a survey, 76% of expectant moms told Burger King that the strange foods they crave are “impossible” to resist. So, on Mother’s Day, the fast-food chain served up some truly off-menu combos just for them.

20. Why Sustainable Travel Is No Walk in the Park


A tourism bureau’s job is to inspire travel. But when that works too well and a location gets more visitors than it can handle, marketing can still be the answer.

19. It’s Official: Skinny Jeans Are Out, Wide-Leg Denim Is In


Cancel culture has come for a decade-old fashion trend, but we feel confident saying this is one change every…


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