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Top 5 Ways To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Within Budget | NASSCOM Community

The real challenge in every business lies in promoting your products and services to needy consumers. Entrepreneurs have been using various digital methods, such as social media advertising, search engine optimization, keyword research on search engines, and so on, to identify their target audience. Nevertheless, affiliate strategy is one of the most popular modern methods.

Affiliate Marketing: What Does It Mean?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that employs interested people to promote your products on websites, emails, and social media platforms by using an affiliate link that you provide to them. The link directs their online traffic toward the affiliate website; that is yours. Every time a consumer clicks the link and makes a purchase, you pay the affiliate marketer a commission. An affiliate link is unique to each affiliate marketer, making it quite easy to track the source of the respective affiliate sales and distribute affiliate income.

Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing

Among the various marketing strategies entrepreneurs use, affiliate business is one of the most effective yet safe bets. As per statistics, 81 percent of businesses in 2021 used affiliate marketing, so it’s time for you to adopt this business model if you still need to. The reasons for its popularity are listed below.

Low investment

Thankfully, affiliate marketing efforts do not cost you a fortune. Websites like ShareASale, Refersion, Affise, and much more help you set up a strong affiliate platform for your business. Your affiliate partner takes up the task of promoting your products, thereby generating traffic to affiliate landing pages. You could be free of the worry of investing in affiliate campaigns.

High return on investment

While every advertising model involves a huge marketing budget for accommodating software tools,…


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