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Top 8 e-commerce marketing platforms to consider

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic’s e-commerce boom, online shopping still has room for growth. To capture that market share, organizations need e-commerce strategies, including technology implementation.

However, organizations may struggle to choose the right e-commerce marketing platform. In addition to core capabilities that let organizations build online storefronts, these platforms often include features like email marketing, marketing automation and integrations with third-party products, such as inventory management tools. Some e-commerce platforms work better for small businesses that sell directly to consumers, while others suit large enterprises with brick-and-mortar locations that want to put inventory online.

Explore eight e-commerce marketing platforms, which were chosen based on several professional and user reviews.

1. Shopify

Geared toward small to mid-size businesses, Shopify’s e-commerce marketing platform lets users build out their storefronts and create product pages. It offers email marketing, search engine optimization tools and CRM features for audience segmentation and personalization. It also has an app store for users to add integrations, such as social media promotion and analytics.

Users can easily set up Shopify’s platform and sell through various channels, like point of sale products. It offers customizable templates so users can create stores that reflect their company’s branding. However, the multi-currency features are difficult to use, and the platform offers limited configuration options for the checkout screen. Additionally, users require a third-party extension to let customers leave product reviews.

Pricing starts at $29 per month for the Basic Shopify plan.

2. HubSpot

As a B2B marketing automation platform, HubSpot is primarily used for CRM. The HubSpot platform…


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