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How Cozy Earth built out an in-house affiliate program

At the end of 2020 that Cozy Earth hired a dedicated agency to run affiliate marketing. Then, the company saw so much success from affiliate that it decided to bring the program in-house last year. Revenue from the affiliate marketing program grew over 109% between 2021 and 2022, with customer spend up by 72% and a traffic increase of 92% year-over-year.

This year, Cozy Earth is hoping to surpass those figures — and grow this segment’s sales by 60% year-over-year — thanks to its products landing on some prominent gift guides and recommendations. So far for the 2022 holiday season, some of the top-performing Cozy Earth placements have been gift guides like Oprah’s Favorite Things, its fifth year in a row, and Architecture Digest’s Cyber Monday roundup. 

Owen Turner, affiliate and PR marketing manager at Cozy Earth, said the company now takes a content-focused approach to the affiliate strategy by blending PR and affiliate pitches. 

According to Turner, the company used to have a more broad approach, working with publishers of all sizes through an outside agency, which handled outreach. But Turner said that following the 2020 holiday season when its sheets were name checked by dozens of outlets’ gift guides, “we saw how effective this channel can be for us.” In turn, Cozy Earth decided to bring the program in-house in May 2021.

Turner currently personally handles most of the larger publisher accounts, which range from 15 to 20 major publishers. While Cozy Earth has about 50 employees, Turner’s team consists of three publicists, along with three current interns. They  constantly pitch Cozy Earth for gift guides, sending out samples and monitoring publishing calendars. The program operates separately from Cozy Earth’s influencer marketing team, which Turner said is nearly triple the size.



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