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How to Make Income as an Affiliate [+ Free Affiliate Marketing Calculator]

Creating a business from scratch can often seem daunting. There seem to be a never-ending series of tasks you need to do, risks you must take, and you might wonder where you will get the money to fund everything. Being your own boss can be challenging work without the certainty you have when you earn a wage from an employer. And there is one question you need to ask ahead of anything else – what am I going to sell to earn my income? You could sell your services. You could make and sell your own goods. Or perhaps you could merely retail somebody else’s products. If you choose to sell goods, you will need to decide what to sell and find a way to source your stock. So many decisions you need to make, so much risk you need to take, so much work you have to undertake.

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Affiliate marketing is a relatively simple way to become self-employed without the need for vast sums of money and other resources upfront. And after some initial work, you can earn passive monthly income with affiliate marketing, making it potentially lucrative too. 

As we saw in our Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report, the affiliate marketing industry is expected to grow to approximately $13 billion in 2022 and $15.7 billion by 2024. There are now 10,000 firms offering or specializing in affiliate marketing services. In addition, interest in affiliate marketing grew more than 300% between 2017 and 2021.

How to Make Passive Monthly Income with Affiliate Marketing:

What is Affiliate Marketing Income?

As its name suggests, affiliate marketing income is the money you earn through affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, sellers and creators work with affiliates (people willing to sell and promote their products) through various online media, like blogs, websites, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc….


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