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SCCG Partners with Live Cue Sports Game, 7BallRun for Web-Based Sports Betting Distribution

SCCG + 7BallRun Icon

SCCG Management Logo

SCCG Management Logo

7BallRun Logo

7BallRun Logo

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, December 5, 2022 / — Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management announced a strategic partnership with 7BallRun, providing business development, and strategic advisory services for the distribution of their patented cue sport to existing betting platforms.

Stephen Crystal said of the partnership “7BallRun brings a brand new cue sport that was created to be fast-paced and bettor friendly. This patented format of billiards was specifically designed for distribution on web-based sports betting and virtual gaming platforms. With our extensive network of betting platforms in the SCCG eco-system, we look forward to distributing their patented cue sport format to betting platforms across North America.”

Cyril Means, CEO of 7BallRun said “We’re excited to partner with SCCG and leverage their 30 years of expertise in the gaming space. Working with them is a huge step towards reaching the scale that we aim to achieve. The team at SCCG has the experience and industry recognition to help 7BALLRUN further innovate within the gaming ecosystem and grow our business alongside proven industry leaders.”

7BallRunTM is a new kind of cue sport played by a single professional player in a Faraday-shielded enclosed area that’s fully secure and isolated. There is no opponent and no slowing down of the pace or tactical shots. The player’s only focus is to pot all seven balls in order. Punters can then place bets on whether the player succeeds plus a range of other unique markets. SCCG has years of experience bringing game content to existing platforms and an ecosystem filled with complementary…


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