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Women in Digital Marketing – Linking Up Great Minds with LinkUnite

Lee-Ann is back with another podcast. This time, featuring two lovely ladies from LinkUnite, an exclusive invite-only women’s retreat and digital marketing forum that sounds like the perfect combination of a girls’ night of breaking the glass ceiling.

“Dedicated to lifting up female founders in the digital industry.”

Founder and CEO, Amanda Farris and President and COO Sara Malo will be joining Lee-Ann to talk about empowering women in the digital marketing industry. Amanda has worked in tech, real estate, finance, architecture, and design industries and is now sharing her skills in marketing and global communications with the wider world. Sara has been in the marketing industry for 22 years, a topic she regularly talks about in her blog as well as on respected podcasts.

With such a women-centred podcast, we’re asking, how can women excel in the affiliate marketing industry? Are there any ways that women can help each other excel in the affiliate industry? And why would more women in affiliate marketing be beneficial to the industry as a whole?

What can women do to help each other in the affiliate marketing industry?

Well, if we’re to take LinkUnite as an example, that concept came about with a simple question between two women, Amanda and Sara: are there any events that cater to women in affiliate marketing?

Amanda said of her career history, and contribution to women in the industry, “I have basically just meandered my way into really driving home the female initiatives in our industry and uplifting the women in the digital marketing space.”

And that starts with simply having the courage to speak up and team up. LinkUnite started as a partnership, and so can a lot of other endeavours. We definitely have a side effect of women in the workplace trying to prove themselves coming to the…


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